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July 24, 2019 7:04 pm by admin |

Belonging or just fitting in?

Creating a company culture where people “belong” is different from creating a company culture where people “fit in.”

Belonging is about creating a culture where people are surrounded by others who share in struggles, celebrate victories, collaborate on mutual goals, and participate in the accomplishments of the business. In short, they act like owners and create a company of owners. Belonging means many diverse opinions, approaches, backgrounds, and skill sets blend into a beautiful tapestry of performance.

Fitting in is about shaving off one’s unique edges and doing your utmost to blend in while hiding your creative ideas and thoughts because they are different. Fitting in is about feeling out of place and being less connected to the company culture and your fellow team members in lieu of not “rocking the boat.” Diversity of opinion, approaches, and backgrounds is viewed as a liability to the status quo.

Build a company culture where people belong – rather one where everyone just tries to fit in.

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