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What does your company have planned for Company Culture Day and Month this year?

Company Culture Day and Month

The National Day Archives has designated September as Global Company Culture Month. September 18th was selected as Company Culture Day.

Global Company Culture Day

Company Culture Day

Company Culture Day is a Day for companies to focus on the importance of getting their company culture right. Thereby creating a vibrant workplace where people will thrive, get excited to come to work, and perform at their peak. It spotlights the fundamental nature that company culture plays in maximizing productivity, profitability, and people loving their work.

Company culture is the most crucial business conversation happening all over the globe. Companies are struggling to understand and create how the world of work needs to change to make it a better place for all. There is a direct correlation between only 16% of Executives saying their company culture is where it needs to be and the fact that only 15% of employees are engaged worldwide. We want to fix this by drawing attention to it.

There are many ways to celebrate Global Company Culture Day

1. Organize an outing for your team to explore a museum or to have a play day.

2. Put together lunch groups for guided conversations about the companies culture and ways to improve it.

3. Organize a culture club responsible for highlighting the culture and planning events throughout the year.

4. Organize a service day at a local charity to give back.

5. Make some fun videos about your culture to share internally or with the world on Social Media.

6. Visit nearby businesses with great company cultures to see what you can learn from them.

7. Have departments visit other departments to understand their points of view better and figure out how to work more effectively together.

8. Hold an internal office competition of some sort that brings everyone together as a team and creates fun and energy.

9. Get ideas in advance from the team regarding how to celebrate and pick the top 2-5 to do.

10. Gamify it! Organize groups to put together their idea of the ideal company culture for your company then make an implementation plan.


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