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September 30, 2019 3:55 pm by Elise Martin |

Boris Gomes

Our CEO & Founder Daren Martin, Ph.D. talks this week to Boris Gomes, a Culture Strategy Consultant at TinkerLabs in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. About the tools, he has created to help increase happiness in a workplace which always has an impact on employee performance. One of the most significant issues he finds is that people often try to create cultures around leaders but really cultures should create leaders. They also touch on corporate bullying, tune in and learn more!

More about Boris Gomes
He is a believer in the power of practice and experimenting, he’s spent the last 9-10 years of his life working on design projects that range from graphics to tech. As a culture expert he believes that collaboration trumps dictatorship, effort trumps talent, people trump profits and execution trumps ideation.

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